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Bananapants B.Cush


B.Cush – the b.cush is a flat-back version of our bumpher, a stimulation cushion for the base of a dildo. b.cush has a cushy, flesh-like feel designed to stimulate the wearer and prevent pubic bruising.
The flat-back of the b.cush has a tacky texture that sticks to a variety of dildo bases; big, small and those with balls. It can also be used on its own; just slip it into your underwear for extra sensation or flip it around to stimulate your partner. 100% premium silicone,
4″H x 2.75″ W

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We’ve got you covered! The bumpher stretches to fit over dildo bases up to 3 1/4″ while our new b.cush offers a flat-back that simply sticks to a variety of bases; big, small and those with balls. Both made of silky-soft silicone, the b.cush has a squishy, flesh-like feel while the bumpher offers a slightly firmer rub.
The smooth supple silicone also acts as a cushion to prevent pubic bruising during sex. Soft where you need it, firm where you want it! Cover your bases and enhance your sensation! *Dildo not included.

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